Remaking the Economy: The Series Continues!


Thursday, February 14, 2019 at 2:00 pm EST 

How can nonprofits productively employ community finance? And what can be done to expand community finance and bring capital under greater democratic control? To help you explore the practical range of options your organizations can consider, the fourth webinar in NPQ’s series, Remaking the Economy, will explore these issues and how to shift capital. The 90-minute webinar will connect you with experts whose knowledge is grounded in the field to discuss the strengths and challenges inherent in pursuing various practical community finance strategies, including community development loan funds, community development credit unions, and place-based philanthropic investing. 

This webinar will explore:

  • What are core principles that can guide nonprofits in community finance?
  • What are the challenges in operating community-based financial? What are some different ways of doing so?
  • How can community finance be leveraged to decolonize wealth and distribute ownership of business assets more broadly?
  • What are points of leverage available to nonprofits and movement leaders?
  • What is the ecosystem that helps community financial strategies succeed?
  • What shifts in thinking, practice, and culture to make control of capital allocation more democratic?