Fundraising Bright Spots: The Secrets of Successful Fundraising from Individuals

Thursday, April 28

1:00pm - 2:00pm EST  


The Fundraising Bright Spots report published by the Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr Fund and written by Kim Klein and Jeanne Bell, is a review of the distinguishing characteristics of 16 grassroots progressive organizations who are also uniquely successful fundraisers. Klein and Bell looked among the group’s stories for the patterns that revealed the core of their “positive deviance” from the norm and the discoveries they made provides a goldmine of guidance to other nonprofits. Come listen to Jeanne Bell and representatives from a few of the groups that were studied as they describe their keys to success. 

About the Speaker: 

Jeanne Bell:

Jeanne Bell is the Chief Executive Officer at CompassPoint. As CEO, Jeanne leads an integrated practice of twenty-four people who use teaching, coaching, consulting, peer learning, and research to advance social equity work in the Bay Area, throughout California, and across the country. She is a leading thinker and engaging national speaker on nonprofit finance and strategy.

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