Remaking the Economy: Series Finale!


Thursday, May 9, 2019 at 2:00 pm EST 


REMAKING THE ECONOMIC SYSTEM: A PUERTO RICO CASE STUDY begins with a brief interview by NPQ senior editor Cyndi Suarez of Nelson Colón, executive director of the Puerto Rico Community Foundation, who will talk about the foundation’s support of equitable development across the island.

Following the interview, NPQ Senior Editor Steve Dubb will facilitate a panel with three expert speakers: Deepak Lamba-Nieves, who is research director of the San Juan-based Center for a New Economy; Ruth Santiago, a lawyer who works with community and environmental groups throughout southeastern Puerto Rico; and Lyvia N. Rodriguez, executive director of the Caño Martín Peña Community Land Trust in San Juan.

This webinar will explore:

  • How Puerto Rico arrived at its current structural crisis and what part colonialism played
  • How community-based alternatives offer a new direction
  • How the energy sector can be restructured for sustainability
  • What points of leverage (including for policy change) are available to movement leaders?
  • What are the necessary shifts in thinking, practice, and culture?
  • What might a “just recovery” look like? 
  • What lessons does Puerto Rico’s experience have to teach us all?