A Special 3-Part Webinar Series from NPQ

Part Two - April 23 at 3:00 EST

Human Resources: Balancing Urgency & Equity 

For many nonprofits, Covid-19 has required wrenching decisions about staffing as programs are postponed or dramatically redesigned. And even nonprofits whose programming is not negatively impacted are nonetheless experiencing significant shifts in how they do business, including increased working from home by employees.

For organizations that center values of equity and justice, managing the people-oriented aspects of the business during a crisis like Covid-19 presents both challenges and opportunities. Decision-makers in these nonprofits—human resources directors, senior staff, and executive directors—are in a daily struggle to balance urgency and equity. They are meeting the demands of the moment, but also learning from these emergency responses potential strategies for more equitable human resource management in the future.

We'll explore:

  • If we are forced to make staffing reductions, how can we do so in alignment with our values and minimizing legal risk?
  • What shifts in human resource policy or practice can we implement now to support employees in the short term?
  • What experiments can we undertake that may lead to long-term improvements in how we support employees at our organizations?
  • What employment law is most critical in this fast-changing environment for nonprofit employers?

This webinar is NOT:

  • A detailed overview of the Families First Corona Virus Response Act or the stimulus bills.
  • A replacement for the specific legal counsel you need to seek for your organization.


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