Coaching is now a well-regarded practice among nonprofits for supporting individual leaders, especially senior executives. But coaching methods can have powerful impacts beyond the senior team. For executives who want to make an organizational commitment to developing the next generation of leaders, individual and team coaching for emerging leaders is proving very effective.

Practitioners at CRE—a nationally recognized nonprofit consulting firm based in New York City—have been embedding coaching in organizations this way for several years and on this 75-minute webinar, they will share their techniques and the necessary conditions for success.

They find that coaching at the middle management strata provides a supportive format for emerging leaders to engage in an organization’s vision and strategies and to consider what strengths they can develop towards those ends. Moreover, when multiple leaders are participating in coaching across an organization, the coaching mindset permeates, which helps leaders at all levels lift up and co-develop solutions to organizational challenges that are beyond the reach of any one leader.


You can send your questions to to have them answered during the web event. 

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